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Information For Sellers

The Ozark Team discusses market information and marketing techniques of interest to clients listing and selling their homes.

2101, 2020

Real Estate Agents Add Value

The Ozarks Team discusses a recent Century 21 survey that measures the value home buyers and sellers place on the work done by their real estate agent. It’s amazing just which services were ranked the highest!

912, 2019

2020 Home Prices May Fall

A recent study by the National Association of REALTORS® suggests home sales may decrease in 2020. The Ozarks Team discusses the possible reasons for this. Home prices have risen substantially in the past two years, and that’s one important factor. Lenders rely on home appraisals to determine the home’s value. Appraisals are based in prior sales of similar homes. In a rapidly rising market sometimes the appraised values can’t keep up. For a home sale to close, the buyer, seller, appraiser and lender all must agree on the home value.

2510, 2019

Listing A Beautiful Home

When you decide to sell your home, you want it to sell quickly and for the best price possible. That means that buyers need to see the full value of your home. When we list a home, we take great care to bring out the value with a complete and accurate description and beautiful photos. As we measure, stage and photograph the home, we are careful to make every detail as close to perfect as possible. When the Ozarks Team is working on a listing, you’ll hear “careful” and “perfect” a lot, because those words are always on our mind. Find out more about the Ozarks Team at, or on Facebook at EnjoyTheOzarks.

1810, 2019

Getting Pre-Qualified

Right now we are in a very competitive real estate market. Great homes are going fast and buyers need to be decisive and move quickly. Often sellers have quite a few interested buyers. So sellers look at offers very carefully, and they don’t necessarily take the first offer that comes along. That’s why a Pre-Qualification letter from a local bank is so important. When buyers accompany their offers with a pre-qualification letter, they know the buyer is serious and has a close relationship with a local bank.

1110, 2019

Closing A Transaction

Buying and Selling Real Estate is a complicated process. It begins with marketing when a home is first listed. The process continues as buyers look at interesting homes and shop for suitable financing. When they find the home of their dreams and the buyers and sellers agree on all the details, the transaction begins. At the Ozarks Team, we spend about half of our time managing transactions, working with lenders and title companies. This video explains how a title company helps close a transaction. If you have more questions, go to or call 870-701-0605.

210, 2019

Importance of Radio

Local radio reaches many members of our community on a daily basis with important information that they need and use. Advertising on local radio works for theh Ozarks Team clients to market their homes. The Ozarks Team uses local radio extensively thorough out the Twin Lakes area. If you have more questions, go to or call 870-701-0605.